Friday, April 12, 2013

catching up!

 I cannot believe it has been three years since I last blogged! So much has happened in our lives.Short version ... Stephanie is now a junior in college...very active in campus life with Ultimate Frisbee, photography, classes, friends and volleyball and so much more. Still waiting for her Prince Charming. kayla has graduated from high school June 2012, got accepted to BYUI...worked all summer and fall, took online classes to keep smart, left in January for her winter /spring track. She is an Elem. Ed. Major and loves it. She has some good roomies, has met a lot of guys..dated a few, went dancing, had movie nights, spent some time with big sis, and participated in the winter guard there. now she has a boyfriend. Gretchen is busy...busy...busy. We cannot keep up with her! She is a junior n high school, taking a lot of ap classes and whipping her brain. She continues to be involved in percussion and tolerates many personalities. She is in student council, deca, Spanish club, environmental club, green cord, and is currently going for class secretary for her senior year.
She is preparing for her third act test and really wants a good thirty something...hopefully that will happen. She is very busy with her service in the community and when she is not busy she is reading r going to the movies. her hopes are to go to Purdue University or another college with great Pharmacy programs. So we are all just holding our breath to see.  Mike has received a few promotions and the latest is RegionL Director over Oils. which means he travels a lot and is Calif., New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, and wherever else needed and some Mexico. hey are hoping to prep him for ire for down the road.  Our fun is complicated...just doing house projects for now to hopefully move to Midwest to be closer to our parents. Other fun is bbq Saturdays with a few friends and going to baseball games. Wr are well......What do I do? A little bit of everything....and try to work outside of home. I love my calling in church as Yw sec., and love being involved with many different activities that go on.
That is the real short of three years.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Freshman-Gretchen 2010

Our girl just hanging around....

We had a lot of fun doing these pictures. She was feeling good, looking good, and the day was just right sun wise. Notice the heels? She loves "high" shoes...all to give her height.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Junior Year Photos of Kayla

We finally got smart after all these years and didn't get pics from school. We are creating our own. Check Kayla out...these are a few of 50 I took.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gretchen and her band days so far

Something needs to be said about my 3rd daughter....toooooo busyyyy. I cannot keep up with her schedule...everyday I have to ask where , what, and how.... her day begins at 5:20 am..getting up and ready for seminary at 6 am.. Then off to high school for freshman softball or basketball conditioning and tryouts from 7:30 am - 9:00 am.. Then classes begin. She is out at 2:30 and then the fun with band begins till 7 or 8. If she is lucky .... Add in there homework, youth activities, green cord service...(100 hours for year), student counsel (homecoming preps.) and whatever else she SQUEZZEs in her day. Wowser---I am beat just talking about it. Anyway she is I hear.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our trip to Utah and Idaho

The view from where we ate breakfast....amazing!

The food Susan tried to eat...banana bread french toast ...ugh so full.

The opening of the door to our amazing treat. Below the inner of the diner. What a quaint place to eat...very busy all the time...we highly recommend to eat there if you have the chance.

Here is the view Stephanie gets to see when she tries to run in the late afternoon.....what a perfect view of peacefulness.

We went to visit some old friends from back 10 years ago in Indiana...we saw Jackie Runyan (no pic though) in Smithfield, Utah. We visited for a bit and had to leave to catch some more friends. She still has a great laugh and wonderful personality like we never left. Onward to the Foote home in Layton, Utah. Saw all the kiddos ...boy have they all grown up...and talkative. We didn't get to see Nathan but know he was there in spirit. Thanks Tammy...her pic is on my cellphone. Really nice area....reminded me of our area in Texas. From there I think we went back to Mike's sister in Highland, Utah. Hung out and enjoyed their company. Mike and his nephew Cooper shot basketball as long as they could. Probably could of gone on for a very long time. We traveled Utah in the Salt lake City area...just amazed at the architecture and consistent building improvements. All in all...we were ready to come home to Texas minus one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Off She Goes!

I have to tell you, having Stephanie in college is cool. It is very more big feet on my ceiling when I am more 22-24 ppl. in our game room for a more arguments over the bathroom between Gretchen and more silently cleaning up someone's mess without being more getting dad hyper even though he loves it and misses more Stephanie stuff. I think she is missed...shhhh don't tell her. But if you are lucky to be on her friend list , you will see college life in Idaho is totally agreeing with her. In this picture is part of her room still getting organized, Notice the bare walls? Working on it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stephanie's Prom - May 2010

I don't remember being so undecided about going to the you?
Well...she went. Two dudes (that is their name)
from drumline. Aren't the girls so pretty? It was an eventful night. Glad it went with no more weirdness than necessary.